• Earth'n Vessel Pottery is a co-operative studio comprised of 11 local potters who share a passion for clay. We are proud to say that all of our pottery is made with lead-free clay and glazes that are all food safe.

  • Clay is magical! Besides being incredibly fun to work with, it is one of the world's most versatile substances. Clay and glaze, when fired to the correct temperature produce ceramic material that can be used for almost anything from chiminy bricks to tableware. With clay, you can create any shape, texture, color or pattern imaginable. This fusing together of earth's materials can produce gem-like qualities, making the exploration of clay a grand journey.

  • From start to finish, every step is critical. We begin by shaping the soft clay as it spins on the wheel, or by hand-building with coils and slabs. When the desired shape is attained each piece is then trimmed by hand (if necessary) and dried slowly. The pottery is then carefully placed in a kiln and bisque fired to 1,975 degrees F.  A cool-down period of approximately 18 hours is necessary before the kiln can be unloaded. The bisque firing actually transforms the clay into ceramic material making the pots easier to handle during glazing.

  • Once cooled, the pots can be glazed. Potters will then choose an appropriate finish for their pots. There are several ways to accomplish glazing. A piece can be dipped, sprayed, or hand-painted with glaze. At last, the pots are ready for the second and final firing. At this time the pottery is fired to about 2,200 degrees F., and the cool-down period, once again, takes about 18 hours. During this period anticipation builds as we wait to see the results. At all stages of production there is great risk to the pottery's survival. Each piece takes at least a week to complete and not all pieces will survive the process. The final test is the glaze kiln. The kiln opening becomes a combination of joy and disappointment as each piece is unloaded. 

  • We love each stage of the process and are delighted to share it with you. We have classes available for those of you who want to experience the magic of clay. For the rest we invite you to visit our working studio and to browse our gift shop.