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  • Teresa Egbert
    • I have always loved Pottery. At a pretty late stage in life I attended a pottery class with two of my friends at SUNY Stonybrook. From the inspiration gathered there, my friends and I founded Earth ‘n Vessel Pottery Studio.
    • Since the studio’s inception, I have attended classes at Dowling College with Woody Hughes, workshops at Haystack in Maine with Bobby Silverman, and other workshops with Angela Fina, Steven Hill, Marc Bell, Joyce Michaud and others.
    • When my husband Jim and I retired and moved to Andover, Vermont, I set up a small studio in our home. While I’m throwing on my wheel, Jim is busy tapping maple trees (for sap to make syrup), splitting wood, and taking care or our organic garden.
    • In the summer months my pottery is on display at Fletcher Farm Gift Shop in Ludlow, VT., where I also volunteer, and it is also on display at Earth ‘n Vessel, where I still remain an active co-op member.