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Jane Becker

  • My interest in pottery began way back when I was in high school.  While taking a painting class that followed a ceramics class, my curiosity was peaked.  I was mesmerized watching students from the ceramics class throwing clay on a wheel, it appeared to me as magic!  I never had an opportunity to try my hand at the wheel then, but my curiosity and interest never waned.  In 1995 a friend suggested I look into a Continuing Ed ceramics program at SUNY Stony Brook. I followed up on that suggestion, enrolled in a ceramics course and fell in love with wheel throwing and working with clay in general.  With a couple friends, who also shared a love for ceramics, we opened Earth ‘n Vessel in 1998.  Today I mostly work in porcelain and I’m still crazy about working on a wheel.  I love bowls and I love making bowls but the magic of the wheel goes way beyond any one shape.  It’s potential is huge and I never tire of it!  As my pottery has evolved I’ve incorporated some hand building and altering forms, with the wheel.  

  • There are several clay artists that have influenced me as a potter.  I’ve taken many classes and workshops and have benefited in some way, every single time.  I’ve been very fortunate to have been exposed to some of the most creative and skillful potters alive today. I’m also fortunate to be able to work closely with the other potters at Earth ‘n Vessel and I’ve learned so much from them too.  I suppose if I were to have to choose my favorite potter I’d have to say Brother Thomas Bezanson  (the Pucker Gallery in Boston maintains a large collection of his work and can be viewed on their website @ www.puckergallery.com).  Some of his forms are aesthetically just okay, not spectacular, but what intrigues me the most about his work is his mastery of the glaze process.  His finished pieces are incredible because his glazes (made from materials he collected from all over the world) are absolutely fabulous, beyond beautiful.  And, as any potter will tell you glazing and developing glazes is extremely challenging.  One can take a beautifully created piece and destroy it with a glaze, or one can take a mediocre piece and turn it into a thing of beauty with a great glaze and firing.  It’s a wonder, and it’s that wonder that makes working with clay so exciting!